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Company History:

Connolly products are sold in every State and Territory in Australia and New Zealand and also export to a growing overseas market.

Connolly is a proud Australian manufacturing company that manufactures all its products. 

The company was established in 1986 and it still remains a family company to this day.

Connolly has a commitment to a continuing research and development program designed to provide better solutions to the everyday problems encountered on concreting slab projects. 

This combined with our extensive range of key joints, expansion joints, dowel cradles, biscuit plate dowel systems, dowel sleeves, crack inducers, rebate moulds, cappings, safety caps and other concrete accessories along with our steadfast commitment to manufacturing in Australia and employing locals will ensure that Connolly maintains its place as the leading supplier of continuous pour concrete jointing systems for many years to come. 

Connolly Key Joint is a Quality Assured company and all products are distributed nationally through over 150 major mesh and bar retailers as well as many of their reseller networks.