Universal Dowel Sleeves

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Connolly Universal Dowel Sleeves are available for round and square dowels, to allow for load transfer across joints in slab-on-ground applications.

The sleeve encases one half of the dowel to de-bond the dowel from the concrete. All Connolly Universal Dowel Sleeves allow for expansion and contraction at the joint. Square dowel sleeves also allow for lateral movement at the joint.

The Universal Dowel Sleeve is equipped with a patented, integrated support leg, which can be adjusted to suit multiple slab heights. This unique feature assists with accurate dowel alignment.

Utilising the patented twist-fix feature, Universal Dowel Sleeves work in conjunction with our range of Key JointsExpansion Joints, and Straight Up Contraction Joints.

Key Joint 150mm with Universal Dowel Sleeves for 16mm round dowels

With the included nailing plate, they can also be connected to conventional formwork.

Universal Dowel Sleeve for 16mm square dowel with nailing plate

Injection moulded from polypropylene for accuracy and straightness, the UDS range minimises the vertical movement across the joint.

All our sleeves are colour coded for ease of identification.


  • Twist-fix feature provides alignment of dowels for unhindered slab movement
  • Integrated foot provides extra stability to ensure correct alignment
  • Tear-off feet allow for height adjustment (UDS 16-24mm)
  • Square dowel sleeves allow for lateral movement
  • All sleeves include a compression zone for expansion
  • Includes nailing plates for fixing to formwork
  • Unique end closure prevents slurry entering around square dowels
  • Injection moulded to achieve maximum accuracy​

For use with formwork:


Flick a chalk line along the form board at the centre of the slab thickness. Nail the face fixing caps onto the form board with the supplied nails. Insert sleeves onto the fixing caps prior to pouring the concrete. To make the job easier the sleeves can be installed after the reinforcement has been laid and chaired. The face fixing caps can also be screwed to steel formwork using self-drilling screws.



When concrete has hardened, the form board can be stripped to expose the open end of the sleeves.



If specified apply expansion material to the slab face and insert the appropriate dowels into the sleeves as the next pour is being prepared. To eliminate tripping, the dowels can be installed after the groundwork has been completed for the adjacent pour.



For use of Universal Dowel Sleeves in conjunction with other Connolly jointing solutions, please refer to the appropriate installation instruction.

Universal Dowel Sleeves for round dowels




Dowel Size [mm]121620243336
Sleeve Length [mm]150230 / 300230 / 300225 / 300230 / 300*230 / 300*
Recommended dowel length [mm]300450 / 600450 / 600450 / 600450 / 600450 / 600
End expansion [mm]101010101010
Integrated Foot to suit slab [mm]100125 / 150 / 200125 / 150 / 200150 / 200 / 250 / 300NANA
Lateral MovementNoNoNoNoNoNo

* – custom length available on request

Universal Dowel Sleeves for square dowels


Dowel Size [mm]1620
Sleeve Length [mm]230 / 300230 / 300
Recommended dowel length [mm]450 / 600450 / 600
End expansion [mm]1010
Integrated Foot to suit slab [mm]125 / 150 / 200125 / 150 / 200
Lateral Movement [mm]+/- 3+/- 3

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