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Dowel cradles are used for load transfer in saw cut contraction joints. They are a welded wire assembly that ensures the horizontal and vertical alignment of dowels at the correct spacing and height.

Maintaining correct alignment of dowels across the joint is recognised as being the most important aspect of forming a dowelled joint.

10mm and 16mm Plate Dowel Cradle

Connolly Dowel Cradles are produced with either round, square or plate dowels. All dowel cradles are supplied with a de-bonding sleeve to one half of the dowel to allow for contraction. Square and plate dowel cradles also allow for lateral movement.

Manufactured in 3 metre lengths from 6mm wire, dowel cradles are available in a wide range of configurations to suit a variety of slab thicknesses and load requirements. They form a rigid assembly capable of withstanding the harsh treatment they frequently encounter during construction activities. They are easy to transport, handle and install, saving both time and money for the contractor. Dowel Cradles can also be custom manufactured to suit any specific configuration. ​


  • Ensures dowel alignment is maintained during concrete placement
  • Fully customisable to suit engineers’ requirements
  • Quicker set up time on dowel installation
  • Eliminates the need to tie dowels
  • Enables continuous pours
  • Dowels available in black and galvanised mild steel and stainless steel
  • Used in conjunction with Connolly Ground Crack Inducers

Step 1

Place Ground Crack Inducer along the joint line and secure with pins provided.

Step 2

Place the Connolly Dowel Cradles in position centrally along the joint line.

Step 3

Cut the travel bars.
Note: failure to carry out this step will prevent the joint from functioning correctly.

Step 4

Pour and finish concrete.

Step 5

Saw cut to engineer’s specification along the centre line of the Dowel Cradle.

ProductDCP Plate Dowel CradlesDCR Round Dowel CradlesDCS Square Dowel Cradles
Cradle Properties
HeightMade to suit ½ slab depth as standard
Length3m standard
Dowel Properties
Size6 x 50mm and 10 x 50mm12-36mm dia. Other sizes available on request16 and 20mm dia. Other sizes available on request
Length300mm450mm standard lengths. Other lengths available on request450mm standard lengths. Other lengths available on request
Dowel Spacing
(Custom spacings available on request)
450mm standard spacing300m standard spacing450mm standard spacing
MaterialGrade 300 mild steel to AS/NZS 3679.1
Galvanised mild steel to AS/NZS 4680
Stainless steel to ASTM A276
Sleeve Properties
Sleeve TypePlate dowel sleeveUDS*- plastic heat shrink wrapUDS*
MaterialPolypropyleneUDS: Polypropylene
PHSW: Polyethylene
Lateral Movement+/- 5mmnil+/- 3mm

*Connolly Universal Dowel Sleeves

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