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Connolly Flange Dowel Boxes are high quality galvanised steel sleeves which allows for expansion, contraction and lateral movement at construction joints in normal and heavy-duty industrial concrete floor slabs.

Designed to be used with Connolly square dowels, the box encases one half of the dowel to de-bond it from the concrete and are available in four standard sizes – 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. Custom sizes are also available on request.

With V-notches on all sides, they can be easily and accurately installed on timber and steel formwork, ensuring perfect dowel alignment. The wide flange design ensures the dowel remains square to the formwork during the concrete pour.

Connolly Flange Dowel Box Product Range
Connolly Flange Dowel Box Product Range



  • Large lateral movement capacity (+/- 20mm)
  • Large expansion joint capacity (20mm)
  • V-notches simplify installation
  • Quicker dowel installation
  • Ability to fix to timber and steel formwork with ease
  • Suitable for construction, contraction and expansion joints

Download the Connolly Flange Dowel Box Installation Guidance

Step 1:

Mark centre line of the Connolly Flange Dowel Box and dowel spacing on the formwork. Flange Dowel Box is normally installed at the mid-height of the slab.

Connolly Flange Box Dow Install 01

Step 2:

Place the Connolly Flange Dowel Box at the marked location by using the V-Notches at the top and both sides to ensure correct placement.

Connolly Flange Box Dowel Install 02

Step 3:

Nail the Connolly Flange Dowel Box to the formwork using three nails.

Connolly Flange Box Dowel Install 03

Step 4: 

After pouring the first slab remove the formwork. After removal of formwork, Connolly Flange Dowel Box will be exposed as shown below.

Connolly Flange Box Dowel Install 04

Step 5:

Firmly place the square dowel into the insertion hole in the flange dowel box by punching through the sticker as shown below.

Connolly Flange Box Dowel Install 05

Step 6:

Once dowels have been correctly positioned, install the specified reinforcement and carry out the next pour. For expansion joints, install compressible material before second pour.

Connolly Flange Box Dowel Install 06

ProductFLB 16×16FLB 20×20FLB 25×25FLB 32×32
Dowel Size [mm]16 x 16 sq20 x 20 sq25 x 25 sq32 x 32 sq
Dowel Length [mm]400400450450
Sleeve Length [mm]220220245245
Lateral Movement [mm]+/-20+/-20+/-20+/-20
End Expansion [mm]20202020
Dowel MaterialGrade 300 mild steel to AS/NZS 3679.1
Galvanised mild steel to AS/NZS 4680
Sleeve Material0.7mm galvanised sheet metal to AS/NZS 1365 and AS/NZS 1397

Please contact the Leviat sales team for custom sizes.

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