Expansion Joint Cappings

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A range of permanent capping and rebate moulds for the use with Connolly Expansion Joints are available to provide the desired finish for the joint. 

Expansion Joint Permanent Capping: 

Permanent Capping for Connolly Expansion Joints consists of a white rigid plastic cap that clips on top of the profile and permanently protects the joint from material ingress. Above the rigid plastic is a soft PVC capping that maintains its flexibility and moves with the slab. The PVC capping is available in black and grey. All permanent caps are supplied in 3m lengths.

Round Dowels

Square Dowels


Expansion Joint Rebate Mould: 

The Rebate Mould for Connolly Expansion Joints consists of a white rigid plastic cap that clips on top of the profile. A second plastic cap clips onto the white plastic and forms a rebate above the EXJ Expansion Joint during the pour. After removal of the top profile, a 16mm wide and 10mm high rebate is ready to be filled with flexible joint sealant. Rebate moulds are supplied in 3m lengths.

Round Dowels


  • UV resistant PVC
  • Protects the joint from ingress of foreign particles
  • Resistant to oils and petroleum-based products
  • Quickly and easily installed​

Step 1:

Attach permanent cap or rebate mould to the top of the Connolly Expansion Joint Profile. Press on top until the profile clicks in.

Step 2:

Install the Connolly Expansion Joint Profile according to the EXJ installation instructions.

Step 3 (Rebate Mould only):

Pull out the blue profile and apply a sealant to the manufacturer’s specifications.

DescriptionPermanent Cap BlackPermanent Cap GreyRebate Mould
Length [m]
Set down [mm]4412
Rebate dimension
(width x heights) [mm]
nonenone16 x 12

Caps and rebate moulds to suit EXJ125 – EXJ200.

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